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 Fury's Staff Application [DENIED]

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PostSubject: Fury's Staff Application [DENIED]   1/15/2012, 12:42 pm

In-game Character name: Fury

Terraria total played hours: 52 Hours officially...more like 400+ before I BOUGHT the game.

Real life birth-year: 1987

Steam name: linkman5000

Why you should be a member of staff on Kaos: I'm fair, courteous, but will crack skulls if need be. Got no problem managing the day-to-days of the server, providing information and help to those who need it, and always give a fair opinion.

Are there any people who would agree that you should be a member of staff? If so, who?: Muppie.

Favorite color: Gonna ask my shoe size too? HAHAH! Ahhhh I'm just playin'....Green.

Home country: USA ( Don't pool me with typical Americans...I actually educated myself...though I do enjoy acting like a fool once in a while.

Primary Language: English

Any other languages you might speak: A little German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. Not much, but enough to say "Hello" and other basic things.

Race: Caucasian.

Gender: Male

Time Zone: God, why can I never remember these things....I'm in Florida, whatever timezone that is.

Around how much time a day do you think might be expected of you on Kaos, usually?: Well, day-to-day is difficult to judge, don't ALWAYS get on, but I try to get on atleast a few times a week.

Do you agree to follow every rule in-game?: I already do, and enforce them.

Give 3 examples of things you have done to improve the well-being of the server:
1. Destroyed abandoned and griefed houses to better improve building volume for the server.
2. Helped provide materials for building for other players.
3. Helped find areas for building for other players.

How patient are you with dumb people?: Very.....I'm from America, worse yet, the SOUTHERN part of America....

Any other helpful info: If you give me Staff membership, I won't abuse it, I'll improve the server and help protect the homes people build who deserve it. If someone builds and eyesore, I'll tell them to remodel, or improve it. I'm not going to step on toes, but I will get mean if it calls for it.
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PostSubject: Re: Fury's Staff Application [DENIED]   1/15/2012, 4:56 pm

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the staff, however, like I have stated in all other applications, you have not been a member of Kaos for one month, thus your application has been denied.
Here is some additional information that may help you if you are still wanting to become a staff member after one month has passed...
First off, I'd like to congratulate you on using common sense, although you overlooked the instructions on becoming a staff member, and were persuaded to apply by a crazy Swedish girl, it is still a huge fete.

Other comments I have about that would be that you are seriously misinformed on the status of the position of the different ranks of staff, they are as follows; Owner, Moderator, Member, and Newbie. I am the only owner, and although this is very obvious people think that there can be more than one, for what reason in their puny minds, I do not know. The Moderator rank is the only staff position that is applicable and in NOT in fact an admin rank, a Moderator has the powers that he or she might need to maintain a healthy status of server.

Now this is one things nobody seems to understand, apparently... T h e r e a r e n o a d m i n s o n K A O S!@#$% This is a very common misconception because it is my understanding that most other servers have a rank called "admin" that is usually ranked alongside the top of the ranks on said servers.

I like your attitude and if you were really born in 1987, then you would be even more welcome, this is because the chances of me accepting somebody who is under the age of 18 is around 1/4.

The various languages you can communicate with is a big help in the server, especially Russian, I don't know why but we have a lot of Russians sometimes, and Germans occasionally. If you do not know your time zone, use Google... seriously.

Destroying peoples houses is not acceptable, even if griefed, it is still a frame for rebuilding, which means by tearing down griefed houses, you are in fact griefing!

One more thing on the age topic, people who are more in their adulthood tend to forget who is in charge, and start to try and run things their own way, this is the worst thing a member of staff could attempt because not only will it fail horribly, but it will usually end in a staff discussion, and possibly a demotion out of staff.

Also, I don't know why you think only Americans are stupid, I happen to think any or all races can be completely ignorant, so being an american yourself I would think you wouldn't believe the UK lies they like to spread.
That is all, if you would like to apply again in one month, then reapply when the time comes, until then enjoy your stay on Kaos. Ale
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Fury's Staff Application [DENIED]
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