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 Poll: Server Sided Characters

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Would you like server-sided characters to be added to Kaos?
 38% [ 22 ]
 31% [ 18 ]
I don't care.
 10% [ 6 ]
Either way is fine with me.
 21% [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 58


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PostSubject: Poll: Server Sided Characters   12/22/2011, 3:40 pm

What is a server sided character? Having server sided characters is when you log-in, your single player stuff will stay in single player, and your multiplayer stuff will stay in multiplayer. The benefits from this could be a more stable economy, shops becoming more widely used, people starting there own item shops, and possibly even resource areas on the server. In case you don't know, a resource area is basically a very large box without a top, filled with a certain type of ore, dirt, sand, etc. Resource areas would make it easy to mine and dig any basic resource you might need for building a house, or some other sort or structures that requires a lot of boring-to-mine blocks (eg: Stone Blocks).
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PostSubject: Re: Poll: Server Sided Characters   3/28/2012, 6:41 pm

When will this poll end? I'm really looking forward to the outcome.
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PostSubject: poll   4/10/2012, 5:24 pm

when does the thing come to an end i want to see the outcome
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PostSubject: Re: Poll: Server Sided Characters   

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Poll: Server Sided Characters
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