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 Server Application Format [REQUIRED]

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PostSubject: Server Application Format [REQUIRED]    1/8/2012, 3:34 am

In order to become a member of the staff in-game you must have played on the server for at least one month. There are no exceptions.
The following is the format that is required in order for a proper application to be submitted. You must copy and paste the application format into your application and fill it out as indicated.
Your terraria total hours played can be found in your steam library next to the play button on a game.


In-game Character name:

Terraria total played hours:

Real life birth-year:

Steam name:

Why you should be a member of staff on Kaos:

Are there any people who would agree that you should be a member of staff? If so, who?:

Favorite color:

Home country:

Primary Language:

Any other languages you might speak:



Time Zone:

Around how much time a day do you think might be expected of you on Kaos, usually?:

Do you agree to follow every rule in-game?:

Give 3 examples of things you have done to improve the well-being of the server:

How patient are you with dumb people?:

Any other helpful info:


If formatted correctly, you should have a response to your application within 48 hours.
The standards for the application are set rather high, so don't take it personally if your application gets denied. It is recommended to earn the friendship and trust of other people who play the server daily to raise your chances of your application being accepted.
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Server Application Format [REQUIRED]
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